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Keen to learn about Acadia, its history and culture? Want to discover the Acadia Historic Trail?
Before setting off on your adventure, here are a few recommendations:
  • To better experience the Acadian history, we recommend you visit the sites on the trail in order, from the Port-Royal Habitation to Fort Edward
  • If you do not have enough time, an alternative is to proceed by sector.  The trail has five sectors: Port-Royal, Baie Française, Rivière-aux-Canards, Grand-Pré and Pisiguit.
  • On the Stages, Interests and Hikes pages, you will find detail information related to the days and hours of operation, admission fees and services available on site.

Create your itinerary

It is recommended to travel the trail by car. However, avid cyclists may also travel the proposed itinerary. A word of caution! Google Map may indicate a route containing some errors or portions which are not recommended for bicycles.

You can create your road map using the map below:

The Acadia Historic Trail is available on Baladodiscovery, a mobile application that will link you to your history.

Download Baladodiscovery

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