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Located on the land of Cape Sable colonized in 1620 by Charles de la Tour who named it the Barony of Pombcoup, is where Baron Philippe Mius d’Entremont, founder of Pubnico settled in 1653.


A bit of history

As of 1620, the first settlers from Port-Royal establish themselves at Cape Sable and build in 1623 Fort Loremon, a fortified place named in honour of David Loremon, representative and associate to Charles de Biencourt et de la Tour in France. La Tour et Biencourt put in place a fur trade with the Mi’kmaqs.
In 1629, with the Scottish grip on Acadia and the capture of Quebec by David Kirke, Cape Sable becomes the only French location in North America. Claude de la Tour, Charles’ father, supports the Scots and wishes that his son surrenders Fort Loremon. A battle begins between father and son. Charles de la Tour is victorious and becomes Lieutenant General of Acadia in 1631.
In 1641, during the Civil War, la Tour loses Cape Sable, Pentagouet (Maine, USA) as well as Port Royal to the Governor of Acadia, Charles de Menou d’Aulnay. After the death of Menou d’Aulnay in 1650, la Tour is named once more Governor of Acadia.
In 1653, he grants the title of Baron to a major, Philippe Mius d’Entremont. Mius d’Entremont founds the Barony of Pombcoup, which will later become Pubnico. Mius d’Entremont doesn’t stay very long in the region. In fact, as Attorney-General for the King, he accompanies the Governor on his travels. He dies in 1700 at his daughter’s Marguerite home, wife of Pierre Melanson, founder of Grand-Pré.
During the Deportation of the Acadians, the Barony is plundered and the Acadians are deported or imprisoned. Some manage to escape thanks to the help of the Mi’kmaqs.
As of 1763, the Acadians are authorized to return to Cape Sable and resettle on their old lands, specifically in Pubnico in 1766. The Leblanc, Déon (Duon) or d’Entremont are families whom descendants still occupy this land to this day.
The Mius family (and its many various spelling) as well as the d’Entremont family that live today in North America are certainly descendants of Philippe Mius d’Entremont, founder of Pubnico.


  • This excerpt is recounting the history of the Barony (by citizens of Pubnico) and is the exclusive property of the Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse.

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