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Do you have Acadian ancestors? Are you an Acadian keen to learn more about your history? You do not have any Acadian origins but wish to learn more about your French ancestors? You are simply curious about the first Acadian families? This section is for you.

If you think you do not have Acadian roots, don’t be so sure… Further to the 500,000 Acadians in the Atlantic Provinces, it is estimated there are over 3 million people with Acadian origins around the world.

The Acadian people maintained a strong identity in the diaspora. In fact, every five years, descendants of Acadians from Louisiana, France, from all Canada and the world reunite during the Acadian World Congress. It is a major event, proof of the commitment and enthusiasm of the Acadian people.


The Acadia Historic Trail is available on Baladodiscovery, a mobile application that will link you to your history.

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