Do you have Acadian ancestors?

Do you have Acadian ancestors? Are you an Acadian keen to learn more about your history? You do not have any Acadian origins but wish to learn more about your French ancestors? You are simply curious about the first Acadian families?


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The Grand-Pré region could soon reveal its secrets

Archeologists have been searching the ruins of the Acadian church at Grand-Pré, in Nova Scotia, for 15 years. A team thinks it is getting closer to its objective.

The research is conducted by Jonathan Fowler, President of the Archeological Society of Nova Scotia and Professor of Anthropology at Saint Mary’s University.

Source : Radio Canada (available in French only)

Free admission to sites managed by Parks Canada in 2017!

It’s the birthday gift that Canada is offering you to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation: the Government announced that admission will be free to all Canadian and foreign visitors to national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada, as well as the lockage fees for boaters who enter through national historic canals and waterways in 2017.

Source : Parks Canada

New monument revealed in Grand-Pré to commemorate dykelands

An all-granite harvest table weighing more than 500 kilograms and more than four metres in length was installed at the Grand-Pré view park on Old Post Road. About 16 people can sit around the table on two granite benches that line either side. 
The centrepiece features an overhead view of the centuries-old dykelands using a map created by a local cartographer of Acadian descent.


Source : The Chronicle Herald

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